Martin Garcia Perez has worked as a photographer for the past twenty-five years.During his initial years in Tarragona, he was
connected to the Forum Gallery, working solely on photography exhibition. It was from there he was given the opportunity to work for a period of time as Joan Fontcuberta’s assistant. In this time he collaborated on several works with Pere Formiguera and with Xavier Guardans. Since then he has dedicated himself to photography professionally, first in Tarragona and then in Barcelona, and since 1995 also in Sevilla. Over the course of his career, his work with important institutions and companies has provided him with extensive experience in the fields of both analog and digital photography.

Published photographies

Tinglado 2 catalogues, Tarragona City hall (Spain):

-Perejaume, A 2000metres de pintura sobre el nivell del mar.

-Tom Carr, Configuracions de la memòria poética.

-Johanes Muggenthaler: Exemples de l’amor galant i de l’amor espiritual

-Eva Lootz, Arenes giròvagues.

-Alain Fleishcher, Diva navi.

-Anne et Patrick Poirier, Naufragis.

-Jordi Colomer, Alta comedia

-Keichi Tahara, In-between.

-Francesc Torres, El Continent de cristall.

-Jan Fabre, Paissatge.

-Barbara Kasten, El Mèdol.

-Joan Fontcuberta, Moby Dick.

-Beat Streuli, Retrats. Tarragona, 1996.

-Francesc Abad, Hotel Europa.

-Javier Vallhonrat, Lugar.

-Col·lectiva, Transportable.

Santa Mónica Art Center catalogues, Barcelona (Spain).

Joan Miró Fundation catalogues, Barcelona (Spain).

Francesc Torres catalogues, I.V.A.M., Valencia (Spain).

Mirades sobre el Museu exhibition catalogue, M.A.C.B.A., Barcelona (Spain).

Modern Art Museum of Ceret catalogues (France):


-Toni Grand

Anne et Patrick Poirier exhibition catalogue, Museum Moderner Kunnst Ludwig, Viena, (Austria).

Mai de la photo 1993 catalogue, Reims (France).

Book Marca d’Aigua. A Carles Barral, in Memoriam, Autoritat Portuària  de Tarragona (Spain).

Book, El agua de Barcelona, Lunwerg Editors. (Spain).

Book, El Real Alcazar de Sevilla, Lunwerg Editors. (Spain).

Book, Ceuta, Lunwerg Editors. (Spain).

Book, Barcelona Arquitectura, Ferran 30 Aniversario (Spain).

Book, Perejaume, Bocamont,Ceret, Figueras, El Prat, Tarragona i Valls (Spain).

Book Versions de la Poesia de Carles Ribas (Spain).

Book Nosaltres i els agermanats de Perejaume, Enric Casasses y Pascal Comelade (Spain).

Magazine, Art Press, France.

Magazine, Camera Internacional, France

Magazine, Casa al día, RBA Editors. (Spain).

Magazine, El Mueble, RBA Editors. (Spain).

Magazine, Casas de Campo, RBA Editors. (Spain).

Magazine, Arquitectura y Diseño, RBA Editors. (Spain).

Magazine, Casas & Campo, Globus Editors. (Spain).

Magazine, Micasa, Hachette Filipacchi Editors. (Spain).

Magazine, Nuevo Estilo, Hachette Filipacchi Editors. (Spain).

Magazine Côte Sud, France.

Magazine, Flash  Art, Italy.

Magazine Nexus, Fundació Caixa de Catalunya. (Spain).

Magazine Elle Deco (Germany). 

Institutions and companies Martín García has collaborated with:

-Addison España,Madrid. (Spain).

-Sabadell city hall. (Spain).

-Art Futura, Barcelona. (Spain).

-Art and Design Editorial, Sevilla. (Spain).

-Tarragona harbour. (Spain).

-Bayer Hispania Industrial, Barcelona. (Spain).

-Commerce Chamber, Industry and Navigation of Tarragona. (Spain).

-Santa Mónica Art Center, Barcelona. (Spain).

-Atlantic Modern Art Center, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. (Spain).

-Andalusian Contemporary Art Center , Junta de Andalucía. (Spain).

-Chisell. (Spain).

-Culture Ministry, Andalucia Government. (Spain).

-Architecture department , Andalucia Government. (Spain).

-Caixa de Catalunya Foundation, Barcelona. (Spain).

-Casa Ducal de Medinacelli Foundation. (Spain).

-Espai Poble Nou Foundation, Barcelona. (Spain).

-Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona. (Spain).

-La Caixa Foundation,  Barcelona. (Spain).

-Toni Estrany Gallery, Barcelona. (Spain).

-Pepe  Cobo Gallery, Madrid. (Spain).

-Globus Editores, Madrid. (Spain).

-Hachette Filipacchi Editores, Madrid. (Spain).

-Arts Hotel, Barcelona. (Spain).

-Emperatriz Hotel, Madrid. (Spain).

-Casa del Maestro Hotel, Sevilla. (Spain).

-Hospes Hotels. (Spain).

-Iberia Airways. . (Spain).

-Catalan Institute of Mediterranean Studies, Barcelona. (Spain).

-Jabugo Real S.A. (Spain).

-K.R.T.U., Catalonia Government. (Spain).

-La Cartuja de Sevilla. (Spain).

-Lienzo de los Gazules. (Spain).

-Culture Ministry Andorra Goverment.

-Huelva Museum,  Junta de Andalucia. (Spain).

-Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona.(Spain)

-Modern Art Museum of Ceret, (France).

-Gavà Museum(Barcelona). (Spain).

-National Arqueologic Museum of Tarragona. (Spain).

-National Arqueologic Museum of Sevilla. (Spain).

-Fine Arts Museum of Sevilla. (Spain).

-NH Hotels (Spain)

-NH Hotels (Germany)

-NH Hotels (UK)

-Monuments Office. Catalonia Goverment. (Spain).

-RBA Editors. Barcelona. (Spain).

-Sotogrande S.A. (Spain)

-Tinglado 2, City hall of Tarragona (Spain).

-Tino S.A. (Spain)

-Torraspapel S.A. (Spain) 

He has taught photography workshops at:

– Forum Gallery Photography workshop, Tarragona 1985-89. (Spain)

-Photography workshops for children at Mes de la Fotografía de Huelva, 1990-91-92. (Spain)

-Advance workshop of black and white processing at Mes de la Fotografía de Huelva, 1992. (Spain)

– Advance workshop of black and white processing, Tenerife 1989. (Spain)

– Advance workshop of black and white processing in Lleida Toni Prim Fotocentre, 1994. (Spain)

– Advance workshop of black and white processing, Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), 1995. (Spain)

– Exhibition, works of art and museum photography workshop, Tenerife, 1995. (Spain)

-Conference Historia de las emulsiones sensibles at La Caixa Foundation Arts Laboratory, within the activities for teachers La Mirada Fotosensible, Barcelona 1996. (Spain)

-Workshop La Cámara y La Fotosensibilidad at La Caixa Foundation Arts Laboratory within the activities for teachers La Mirada Fotosensible, Barcelona 1996. (Spain) 

He does black and white processing with preservation quality of archives for:

-David Escudero

-Jaime David Tischler.

-Xavier Miserachs.

-Tarragona National Archeological Museum:

-Bernard Plossu’s exhibition Urbs Tarraco.

-Exhibition Efigies Tarraconenses.

– Joan Serra Vilaró’s exhibition Revelar el passat.

-La Caixa Foundation:

-Ricard Terré’s exhibition.

-Oriol Maspons’s exhibition

-Joan Colom’s exhibition El Compromiso de la Mirada.

-Cabildo Insular Isla de Tenerife:

-Cebrian’s exhibition.

– Barcelona  Santa Mónica Art Center:

-Joan Colom’s photographies.

-Tarragona Forum Gallery:

-Joan Colom’s photographies.

– Catalonia National Archive:

– Guillem Martínez’s photographies of the Caputxinada.

– Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona:

-Francesc Català Roca’s portfolio.

-Center of Catalan Studies of Paris.

-Joaquim Gomis’s exhibition. 

He participates in the following exhibitions:

Voyage Imaginaire del Mai de la Photo of Reims (France), 1993.

-Generalitat de Catalunya Art Funds photography exhibitions at Santa Mónica Art Center of Barcelona, during Primavera Fotogràfica  de Catalunya, 1996.